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APH200 press machine

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  • APH200 press machine

  • Category:APH series
  • Release date:2019-3-20
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  • APH series (H series closed high speed / precision punch press)


    "APH" AMT-H series closed high speed / precision punching machine
    Fusion in Europe and America and the innovative design of double guide column & round four auxiliary guide pillar slide the drive of the main multi oriented structure, to ensure the high precision of speed or module eccentric punch load requirements, and has a hydraulic motor driven adjustment mode & stamping force moment ratio set / correction of advanced features.
    Aomate stamping technology -- can be customized equipment selection, rapid technical application design / Engineering & support.

    AMT press / international grade
     Integration of Europe and America, Japan advanced technology / functional structure CAE dynamic simulation optimization design
     High quality steel welded rigid bed profile or overall casting tempering / vibration stress
     Gear, crankshaft and other main parts of the plating hard chromium / nitriding / grinding high standard process
     High performance controller / drive parts / electromagnetic clutch / steam turbine components, bearings and other high-end configuration
     International stamping equipment technical level, machine index test

    AMT / digital control system program "alternative"
    ■ High response multi function stack expansion / high quality industrial control processor
    ■ High memory level module / character design software
    ■ High compatibility multi axial variable speed drive / automation equipment line airborne expansion
    ■ High intelligent man-machine interface / high frequency sound control / Ethernet &USB port
     "Personality - motor drive / alternative / frequency conversion motor drive servo motor drive / control / expansion / closed loop energy screen level"





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