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High precision punching operation attention point

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High precision punching operation attention point

Release date:2019-03-21

At present, many enterprises in the use of punch processing production, still in use simple manual methods, namely by hand directly in the mold cavity installed parts and plenty of punch equipment are charged with a variety of products manufacturing tasks. In this case, if the punch dies and equipment safety protection device, is prone to hand injury accident. So, in the press production, strengthen safety protection, improve the degree of mechanization is an important way to prevent the accident.

The range of safety technical measures of punching machine operation is very wide, it includes the improvement of punch operation mode, reform of mold structure, mechanical automation. The composite mold, die, multi station die can play a role in reducing process, simplify the process, simplify the operation, reduce the risk of the operator.

The use of hand tools for security
Use hand tools can avoid safety caused by mold design is reasonable and the sudden failure of the equipment accident. Security tools are common: with special elastic clamp, clamp, magnetic sucker, tweezers, pliers, hook etc..

Take protective measures to die
Take protective measures including the protection plate arranged around the mold to mold (cover) and the die structure was improved. Such as shrink mould risk area, expand the space security; setting mechanical discharging device, under the premise of not affecting the mold strength and the quality of the products, the original manual send material single procedure die to be improved, in order to improve the safety.

Equipped with safety protection device
In the stamping equipment and mould is provided with a safety protective device or the labor intensity is small, the use of hand tools is convenient and flexible, effective measures to realize the safety of stamping operation is currently under the conditions of the. Such as the use of hand tools, mold cover, machinery import device, double button switch, push handle, machinery and dial photoelectric automatic protection device of hand device, etc.. Many protective devices form stamping equipment, according to the structure is divided into mechanical type, button type, photoelectric induction type, etc..

The mechanical protective device has the advantages of simple structure, convenient manufacture, but the operation noise, workers use little love, little application.

Photoelectric device is composed of a photoelectric switch combined with a mechanical device, when the operator's hand into the inside mould area beam is obstructed, sends electrical signals, so as to achieve the slider stop action, not down to ensure operator safety. Photoelectric protection device with infrared photoelectric protection device and incandescent photoelectric protection device two. Because the photoelectric protection device is convenient to use, there is no interference to the operation, so the application is wide.

The contact type protection device is used for controlling the movement of the sliding block by using the sensing element of the contact rod, and the two kinds of the constant open type and the normally closed type are used. The protection device has the advantages of simple structure, low manufacturing cost and convenient operation. The working time of the workers can be connected with a plurality of sets of devices simultaneously. It can be applied to press with friction clutch and press with modified rigid clutch.

Achieve mechanization, automation
To realize the mechanization and automation of punching operation is the basic way to ensure the safety of workers and equipment. Only through stamping feeding, automatic production material is to achieve the best technical measures for safety production.

Practice has proved that by composite mold, multi position progressive die instead of single process risk model, or on the die set machinery import and feeding mechanism, realize the mechanization and automation are to improve the product quality and production efficiency, reduce labor intensity, convenient operation, to ensure the safety of the.



Protective device for use
Technical safety protection device
Safety protection device is currently protected stamping machinery operator safety a most effective safety protection device, it is better than that of the protection fence, mechanical hand, mechanical dial hand protection device protective effect, avoid in the production process due to improper operation or the machine appear fault and lead to the occurrence of safety accidents. Suitable for ordinary punch (the company is equipped with complete conversion device, can make the ordinary punch more safe operation.) , high-performance punch, mechanical press, hydraulic press, laminator, shear machine, industrial machinery hands, packaging equipment and other automation equipment, as well as for polyhedral region protection or security.


Safety protection device is generally divided into the opposite type and reflection type two types.
To shoot type safety protection device is a light emitting unit, a light receiving unit respectively in the light emitting device, optical device, the light emitting unit to emit light reflection to the light receiving unit, thus forming a protective screen of the photoelectric protection device. The opposite type safety protection device comprises a controller, light emitting device, light emitting device and the transmission line and the light transmission line is composed of five parts, as shown in figure

1.Reflective safety protection device is a light emitting unit, a light receiving unit are in the same sensor, the light emitting unit to emit light through the reflector back by the light unit, thus forming a protective screen of the photoelectric protection device. Safety protection screen is formed between the two part of the light emitting device and reflector. Whenever in the safe protective screen by interference or equipment is not normal, light emitting device transmitting and transmitted to the press control system to prevent possible dangerous sport, stop hammer downward risk. Reflective safety protection device comprises a controller, a sensor, a reflector, the transmission line is composed of four parts, as shown in figure


2.Preventive measures for the accident of punch injury
At present, many enterprises in using stamping method in production and processing, still along the simple manual methods, namely by hand directly from the die cavity installed parts and a lot of stamping equipment are charged with variety of products or processes of manufacturing tasks. In this case, if the stamping equipment and the mold does not have the safety protection device, it is very easy to have the accident of injury. So it is an important task to strengthen safety protection, safety management and mechanization degree in stamping production.


1, stamping operation damage analysis
There are 5 factors in the process of stamping operation, which are personnel, equipment, mould, technology and environment.


(1) people are the key link to realize safe production.
Stamping production is a continuous repetitive operations, the majority of small and medium enterprises are basically using manual operation. Due to the requirements of high speed, high production efficiency, a number of times to repeat the use of hand to hand, take products, physical consumption. Work for a long time, easy to make the operator (especially young workers) have paralysis of thought, leading to errors caused by the accident. And leaders at all levels of production organization improper arrangement, strict rules and regulations for safety production, safety management poor illegal command, do not attach importance to production safety, in addition to the operating workers illegal operation, lucky adventure, impatience wayward, proud and reckless, and collective operation of large stamping press bed, when combined with a lack of coordination, are prone to accidents.


(2) the impact of stamping equipment on the safety production
Great influence on safety production of stamping equipment. Such as punching machine itself is flawed, the lack of safety protection device, clutches and brakes are not smart, reliable, electrical control structure suddenly out of control and even red phenomenon, and attachment defective tools etc. are important reasons for the cause of the accident.


(3) unsafe factors existing in stamping die production safety
Die insecurity is directly related to the safety of operating personnel and the normal production of stamping. If in the stamping die structure design process, neither consider the use of tools to facilitate the security, and does not take into account as far as possible to ensure that feeding, material, the pieces, clean up the waste and the safety factors, the operator's hands in the duration of stay in the mold closed too long, is bound to cause an accident. Therefore, the scientific safe mold design is very important.


(4) effects of technical documents of production safety
Process file is the production basis, but also an important basis for the implementation of the disciplinary process. Typical records of stamping process is the process, it should include the preparation of raw materials until the punching finished the whole process.


However, there is a serious flaw in the process file, process documents that most did not clearly indicate the relevant provisions of safety requirements and safety technical measures. In addition to the existing stamping safety regulations is not perfect, such as the factory developed "Regulations" generally includes all punching parts, it can reflect the stamping process in common, but can not reflect the characteristics of. "Regulation" tend to write in general terms "generally with security tools" and "not allowed to hand extends into the mold operation etc., but the different characteristics of each part have no specific technical measures that in the actual production process, exist for a long time start extends into the mold operation, safety management becomes a mere formality operator ignored the use of safety devices and tools and operating risks, causing the accident.


(5) the environmental impact on the operator
The effects of stamping on the operator's environment is also very important. If the job site is small, product stacking is uneven, the working site inadequate lighting, poor ventilation, plus noise and the ambient temperature is too high or too low will cause the accident.


2, stamping accident prevention measures
In view of the above reasons, to prevent a variety of stamping accident prevention measures. First, we must strengthen the safety management measures, the second is to take safety measures, the two indispensable.


(1) the safety management measures of stamping operation
Safety management of stamping operation is a comprehensive work, it should not only have the technical measures, and to have a strict and perfect management measures. Stamping operation safety management related to technology, tooling, equipment management, production plan management and safety management (including safety device), if process discipline is not strict, mold mismanagement, equipment accident hidden trouble is much, organization of production of unqualified, the safe operation level low, lax discipline, injury accidents will continue to occur.


Actively implement security evaluation activities. The implementation of safety evaluation, establish and improve the safe production rules and regulations, especially focus on implementation of the "safe production responsibility system", so that each staff clear their security responsibilities, strict implementation of stamping safety operation procedures, to strengthen safety management and to prevent the occurrence of accidents.


The safety education of the staff and workers is an extremely effective way to reduce the stamping accidents. Companies often of workers were safety idea and technology education, the stamping workers, technical personnel and production management personnel firmly the idea of security in the first set, master the technology for safe operation of the stamping equipment, tooling, protective device, you can avoid and reduce the accident occurrence.
It is very necessary to strengthen the safety management of the stamping process and to incorporate the safety technical measures and requirements into the process documents. It can not only ensure the implementation of the safety technical measures to achieve effective safety production, but also to clear the technical personnel of the production safety responsibility system. Such as in the process card indicating the situation of production safety in die, number, equipped with security tools and safety devices and name, number, etc., the process of the specific file as the basis for production, can effectively prevent accidents caused by no chapter to follow or process discipline and other reasons unknown.


In addition, technical personnel must always understand and grasp the problems in the production process, continuous improvement process.


In the management process of stamping die, we must first do regular inspection and maintenance, then the mold according to its composition to the personal safety of threat degree of different color to distinguish between. If the red represents danger mold, yellow safety mold, green represents automatic mould etc..


In the safety management of stamping equipment, should first develop the equipment maintenance system, equipment and safety devices to do regular maintenance. In front of the work must be carefully check the equipment operating system, safety devices, electrical appliances and the main fastening parts, observe whether it is normal operation and equipment "sick" operation is strictly prohibited.

 In stamping operations in the process of production and management, the need to strengthen the production planning and scheduling of work, according to the product structure and production scale to formulate a reasonable production schedule and deadline to ensure balanced and orderly production, so as to avoid overtime caused by the accident.