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The processing method of 14 kinds of problems of the locking part of the injection molding machine!​

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The processing method of 14 kinds of problems of the locking part of the injection molding machine!​

Release date:2019-03-21

As is known to all, the injection molding machine is very important for the injection molding machine. Here we talk about the common problems of the treatment method.

(a) non locking modeTreatment method:          

1): check the safety of the door before the trip switch, and repair.          

2): check the 24V5A power supply in the electric box, change the insurance and power box.          

3): check the spool is stuck, clean the spool.          

4): check whether the output of the I/O board, solenoid valve is charged.          

5): check the hydraulic safety switch is pressed, mechanical lock rod baffle is open.


(b) the mold opening and closing machine ground ringProcessing method:

1) check the oil pipe is disconnected, if so, must be reset well tubing.

2) small amount of lubricating oil and increase the amount of lubricating oil, suggested 50 mould preview a to add the lubricating oil or use the manual.

3) the clamping force is big, check whether the mold need large clamping force, clamping force.

4) amplified board current mess, check whether the current parameters is in line with the acceptance criteria, to adjust the current value.

5) parallelism error, check with a dial indicator head junior parallelism is greater than the acceptance criteria;The parallelism.


(c) and so on for a few seconds to open moldProcessing method:

1) : start slowly and check whether the screw damping is too large, the small screws damping hole.

2) : damping screw in the middle hole is too big, check whether Y damping hole screw is too big, in the center hole of thin damping.

(3) the lock mode to crawl


Processing method:

1) junior guideway and brother Lin Zhu wear big, check the junior Lin Zhu guideway and the elder brother, to replace copper set of second board, elder brother Lin Zhu, filling lubricating oil.

2) lock mode and improper pressure adjustment speed, set the flow 20, 99 when clamping pressure junior should not crawl, adjusting flow proportional valve hole, or pilot valve hole, adjust proportional valve linear current value.

3) in the pipeline and oil cylinder, exhaust air.


(d) to open mold

Processing method:

1) increase the lock mode speed, pressure flow is too small not good, check the lock mode speed, pressure whether appropriate, increase the lock mould pressure, speed.

2) clamping electronic scale zero change, check whether clamping straighten machine ground after termination at zero, readjust the electronic scale to zero.

3) check whether the hinge.


(e) in the production of automatic tuning mode will be more and more tight or loose

Processing method:

1) : the variable inside the solenoid valve leakage, check for the "O" type solenoid valve, model 4 we6e or 0810092101, replace solenoid valve or whether the electromagnetic valve does not work with 24 v battery.

2) : manual activity whether there are other action, and the valve is stuck.