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Release date:2019-03-21

Our company is scheduled to participate in the METAL-CASTING exhibition in June 6, 2016.

Address: Russia Moscow all Russia Exhibition Center, booth No. 1-C04 HALL, welcome to visit us!

「METAL-CASTING 2016-RUSSIA」2016 Russian metallurgical and the 22 international metal industry exhibition is one of the world's most famous metallurgical exhibition, is currently the largest metallurgical exhibition in Russia, the annual session, and the annual scale is constantly expanding. Since the exhibition held in Russia for the development of the local steel industry has played a great role in promoting, but also to strengthen the communication between the steel industry in Russia and the world. So the exhibition by the Russian Federal Science and Industry Department, Ministry of economic development and trade of the Russian Federation, the all Russian Exhibition Center, Russian metals and steel traders Association, Fair International Federation (UFI), Russian metal Exporters Association, metal International Federation, union of Russia, the CIS and the Baltic States exhibition, Russian Federation of industry and Commerce Association, and other units of the support.

The last session of the exhibition was held in Moscow, Russia, November 10, 2015 -13 exhibition center. 728 enterprises from 35 countries and regions in the world have exhibited the most advanced equipment and technology of ferrous metal and nonferrous metal industry and the whole series of products. There are more than 30000 terminal customers from the black metal and non-ferrous metal products, construction, power and engineering technology, transportation and logistics, machinery manufacturing and other industries to visit the exhibition.